SEAMEO Regional for Open Learning Centre (SEAMOLEC) is one of SEAMEO Centres which concerns on improving the quality of education through open and distance learning (ODL). SEAMOLEC was established on 27 February 1997 and first located at the Communication and Information Technology for Education (Pustekkom), Jakarta. Ten years later on 13 March 2007, the Centre was moved to the new building located at Open University of Indonesia (Universitas Terbuka), Jakarta.

The Centre facilitates schools, universities, and other educational institutions within the region of Southeast Asia to enhance the learning process by utilizing the information and communication technology tools. For this purpose, the Centre always makes its effort to stay updated with the rapid development of ICT tools.

In the fiscal year of July 2013–June 2014, SEAMOLEC conducted various programs such as research and development, teacher training courses, developing learning materials using ICT tools and staff development to achieve the vision and mission.

In research and development (R&D) division, the focus is on identifying, exploring, developing, adopting, modifying, utilizing, and evaluating the utilization of ICT tools in ODL-based courses. The Centre has accomplished 7 Models of ICT-based ODL in 2013 and 7 Models in 2014. SEAMOLEC also produced 85 scientific papers in 2013 and 100 scientific papers in 2014. All the papers are related to the development of ICT based distance learning materials, development of software/ hardware to support distance education, development of distance learning models, classroom action researchand distance learning strategies

Training division has conducted 132 training courses, and 23 out of the 132 courses were conducted in collaboration with universities and schools in different countries. The training courses were Southeast Asian Education Network 2.0 (SEA EduNet 2.0), SEA Language 1.0, Digital Simulation, Planning of Open and Distance Learning System, Presentation and Video-based Learning Materials Development, Digital Book Development, etc. 6,341 participants of the training courses were from Indonesia and 858 participants from other SEA regions (13%). The participants were mostly teachers, lecturers, IT technicians, and students.

Improvement in internal management of the Centre is still taking place to establish accountable working system and conducive working environment. Staff development is routinely carried out in house as well as sending staff to relevant training units. Efforts in improving products and services through innovative means are continuously encouraged, involving majority of the Centre managers and staffs. Networking efforts as well as marketing services to various parties are continued and maintained. Consultation services also increased significantly based on the centre participation in various activities.

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